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The Fleshlight is made from high quality patented SuperSkin. Designed to feel as real as it gets Fleshlights are the premium way to enjoy solo simulated sex.

Ultra Realistic Flesh Sensations

This male toy is designed to give you a real vagina experience. A premium product which is distributed to thousands of men throughout the UK each month. With super light skin and a realistic flesh sensation those times you spend alone can become a lot more exciting.
All Fleshlights come with FREE Lube & Condom.


Saucy UK does not leave men out when it comes to ultimate pleasure. You can explore the pleasure of the male orgasm with our male sex toys designed to tease, stroke and press your buttons.

Find the Best Mens Sex Toys at Saucy UK

Browse the world of male pleasure toys and enjoy exciting, indulgent pleasure without limits. Whether to be used with a partner or for time alone Saucy UK have a huge range of men’s adult toys for you to choose from including cock rings, masturbators and anal toys.


Made from durable soft, and stretchy material, cock rings are the perfect way to bring pleasure to both of you at the same time. With a range of functions our cock rings are perfect for introducing you to the world of sex toys for the first time or to bring something different to your collection.

A Wide Selection of Stimulation Rings For Your Penis

Whether you want to experience longer lasting sex or a stronger erection then we have the penis ring just for you. Invigorate your sex life & indulge in your fantasies with our wide range of adult toys at Saucy UK.



Why Do People Get In Relationships

There are multiple reasons that people get in relationships usually because they have strong feelings for the other person and that person shares those feelings, so they choose to move forward from there. One reason could also be because people feel better being able to share their love and feelings with someone they care about. Another reason could be because two people will enter into a relationship with the desire to learn and grow with each other.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you get to open up and be yourself with them, you don’t have to change the way you act or look because they accept you the way you are and that’s the person they want to be with. That’s why so many people enjoy being in a relationship because they can show their true self knowing they won’t be judged for it. It makes them feel better knowing someone loves them for both their perfections and imperfections, because they don’t look at the negatives in a person they look at the positives as that’s what got their attention in the first place. Plus when you’re in a relationship you always have someone who’s on your side cheering you on and supporting you, they provide you with emotional support to make you feel happy and safe. They help you see what’s right and give you advice when you need it.

Although, some people get in relationships because they enjoy the company and don’t want to be alone but even then they don’t choose anyone, they will still choose someone they have some sort of feelings for. The reason they do this is because they need to find someone who can provide them with thee comfort and support they are looking for which can’t be found in any person. They usually know who they want to be with they just don’t always open up as easily or feel as connect with that person. Some people may enter into a relationship so that they feel safe, this may be when they are home alone at night they like to know they have someone who will protect them. Sometimes when people only get into relationships for this, they will begin to get jealous once they notice their significant other giving others attention as they fear they will lose them and their feeling of security. Another reason could be for attention, as when you are in a relationship with someone you will begin to receive a lot more attention from them, which makes them feel more important and loved. A popular reason is also because people want someone that they can be affectionate and intimate with.

The Beginner’s Guide to Cock Rings

In the increasingly complex and varied world of sex toys in general, few are as misunderstood as the cock ring. To a certain extent, this is due to the strange phenomenon of male shyness when it comes to any sort of sexual subject. Men always try to present themselves as worldly and knowledgeable, it seems, and so are reluctant to ever admit any sort of ignorance of any sexually-related subject. At the same time, most men are incredibly paranoid about their delicate and fragile sexual equipment, to the point where the surest way to freak out any group of men is to suggest they might suffer some sort of penis- or scrotum-related accident.

For men who are brave enough to admit a little curiosity about the most misunderstood sexual aid in history, cock rings, here is a quick and not-so dirty guide.

Cock Rings 101

The basic function of a cock ring is to restrict the flow of blood out of the penis. This can extend erections and make the penis more sensitive, resulting in a more intense sexual experience and, with some men, more intense orgasms. The ring fits snugly over the penis and scrotum, but the word of the day here is ‘gently.’ A cock ring should not be uncomfortable or painful in any way.

A few points for the first-time user:

·Trim pubic hair, which can get caught as you slide the ring on.

·Use lubricant to make getting the ring on a pleasant and easy experience.

·It’s usually safe to wear cock rings for somewhere between 20-30 minutes. However, if you experience any sort of discomfort you should remove it immediately.

Selecting a Ring

1.Choosing a cock ring isn’t complicated, but there are a few things to consider:

·For first-timers, an adjustable plastic ring is best, as it is easy to get on and off and lets you experiment a bit to find your comfort zone.

·Solid cock rings have to be put on when the penis is semi-erect and cannot be taken off easily during

2. Type when selecting:

You can get all different types of rings, and they’re budget friendly enough that you may as well experiment to find your favorite type! Varieties include:

Simple cock rings that go around the penis and balls all in oneThose that separate the ballsVibrating cock ringsRings with built in butt wandsRings with weights that swing off your ball


Vibrating rings offer a little extra something for both you and your partner!


Here’s the standard technique for using an adjustable ring:

Put it on when your erection is at semi-strength. Simply stretch, clip or button away. Take the ring off after about 10 minutes the first time you use it.

And for a non-adjustable ring:

  • Put it on when completely flaccid
  • Place one testicle through the ring, then the other
  • Place your penis through next, and hold the ring in place until your penis is hard enough to do that work for you
  • Know that you’ll need to get rid of your erection in about 20 minutes, or risk capillary damage, bruising and loss of sensation.

The cock ring has been around for a very long time – and many men are only now waking up to the fact. Like any other sexual aid, everyone’s mileage with a cock ring will vary depending on their preferences and physicality.

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